Audio Visual Production

Audio Visual Production Solutions

Regardless of the budget and the scale of the event, one needs to pay attention to all the minute details. It includes having the perfect audio visual system installed at the venue to enhance the overall experience of the audience and make it an occasion that they remember for a long time. Establishing a truly impressive setup needs your meticulous attention to even the tiniest details and it is possible only when you have the best and latest audio visual production equipment and an expert team at the venue.

Audio Visual Production Solutions

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Mississauga Audio Visual Rental Solutions takes pride in offering our clients the latest technologies and expert services when it comes to audio visual production. We can take care of all events, no matter what their size or type is. We have a team of experts who take care of all the minute details of the event right from the beginning to the end and ensure that our audio visual production systems continue providing unmatchable experience to your audience. From line mixers to line arrays and interface, we offer all. We also offer on-site technical assistance to make sure your audience have an experience of their lives at the event and remember it for years.

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Whether is it a fundraiser, a musical festival, a high school prom or a corporate conference or seminar, the scale of the event does not matter to us as we are well-versed in taking care of the audio visual production of all kinds and sizes of events. We also tailor our packages in accordance with your budget. Our professional and skilled team of experts will ensure you get the latest equipment and the best services for your event. We also offer staging and lighting services, thus, with Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals, all your event’s technical needs will be answered at one place.

Our State of the Art Audio Visual Production Equipment Includes

  • Soundcraft 6 Line Mixer
  • Allen Heath 4 Line Mixer
  • Mackie 12 Line Mixer
  • QSC Touchmix 10 Line Mixer
  • Imagepro HD 3 Input
  • Behringher 32 Line Mixer
  • VGA, 4 Input Active
  • VGA, 2 Input Active
  • VGA/15 PIN, 4 Output
  • VGA/15PIN 2 Output
  • Converter: SDI TO HDMI
  • Converter: HDMI TO SDI
  • Panasonic AV-HS400 VIDEO Switcher
  • Scan Converter: VGA/HDMI/DVI/SDI
  • HDMI, 4 Output
  • SDI 8 Output
  • SDI 4 Output

Have an important event coming up? Let us take care of the audio-visual needs and production. We guarantee services and equipment like none other.


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