Corporate Events

Need to Keep Your Audience Engaged? We Can Help!

Most offices have a cookie cutter solution to hosting conferences and seminars—hiring the first audio visual rental they could think of, or using outdated technology owned by the company. This practice is concomitant with a poorly delivered event, where neither the audio nor the visuals are able to grab the attention of the audience.

A conference or a seminar can provide a platform to engage the employees in a healthy discussion. But if the microphone keeps shutting off or echoes too much, or if there are problems with the visuals, it brings down the engagement drastically, as the audience do not have anything to focus on.

Why not make an investment that gives you ten times the returns in terms of engagement?

Welcome to Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals.


Bored Audience is a Bad Audience

We know exactly what triggers the highest levels of engagement in a corporate event:

  • An amazing speaker, and
  • Equipment that delivers both sound and visuals impeccably in a bright ambience

We let you take care of the former. We take care of the rest.

With our services, you can rest assured that your keynote speakers will have the chance of delivering their very best to the audience, giving you the best returns on not only your investment on the equipment, but also on the speakers which you chose so carefully.

The Best Equipment and Service at the Most Competitive Rates

At Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals, we aim to provide our customers the best experience possible. We stock only the finest equipment in our inventory, which we keep well-maintained. We also have a team of trained and experienced technicians to set it up for you and be there on site on your big day to handle any unforeseen circumstances. If this was not enough, we offer affordable rates for the equipment so you can easily manage your budget.

Getting the best equipment, service, and rates? What more would you want!

Peace of Mind

Having professionals take care of the management of audio and visual equipment, staging and lighting for your conference or seminar frees up room for you to think about other important matters. This delegation of tasks will increase efficiency and reduce the chances of you making a mistake or forgetting something simply because you had too much on your plate.

We’re seasoned veterans at what we do. And we can take care of the success of your corporate event by doing our part effectively, while you take care of your audience in other ways.

Reach out to us and we can make your corporate event the talk of the town.