Take Your Conference to the Next Level with Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals: Premium AV Equipment

Many organizations use conferences to develop new ideas, sell products, bring new services to the market, and even train staff. That is why you need the right venue and equipment to host this kind of event.

Worry no more! Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals is here to provide you with professional and competitively priced conference audio visual services. We will help you attract your target audience’s attention and interest through beautiful staging excellent visuals, and quality audio systems.


Keep in mind that high quality conferences and corporate presentations leave your audience with engaging information or new ideas. That is why we are committed to ensuring that you can deliver your message through our top-notch quality AV solutions. We are here to help you plan and provide your audience with a memorable event.

Professional Conference AV Services

Many companies choose to make their conferences a DIY project. Their reason for this is to save money. However, DIY projects require you to purchase various AV equipment, and you will need a team that knows how to handle them. Plus, you need a space to store the equipment and provide regular maintenance.

Instead of doing everything on your own, you can take advantage of our professional conference AV services. That way, you can prevent committing mistakes that can cost you more. When you let us handle the entire event process, you can focus on other essential aspects of your conference.

Mississauga audio Visual Conference AV Rentals

Complete, State-of-the-Art Conference AV Equipment

Aside from a highly skilled and dedicated AV team, Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals has a comprehensive collection of AV equipment necessary for events like conferences, including but not limited to:


If you are looking for 3D projection for videos with impressive results, we give you the best solution. We provide cost-effective, portable, custom-built, and flexible projectors.

AV Equipment

For your audio equipment needs, we have smart audio analyzers, mixers, in-ear monitoring systems, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and more. We have controllers, servers, switches, screens, projectors, LCD video walls, LED TV, video panels, and more for visual packages.

Video Walls

Whether you have upcoming conferences, awards ceremonies, and other corporate presentations, our video wall rental is perfect for you. We have a wide array of video wall selections with various sizes from 46-55 inches.

AV Accessories

We are fully equipped with printers, communication systems, scanners, paper pads, markers, wireless clickers, laser pointer, presentation timer, and much more. So, everything you need to make your conference successful is found in our packages.

Mississauga Audio Visual Conference AV Rentals

You can also take advantage of our installation services. Our expert and experienced technician will set up the essential AV equipment efficiently. Our installation process is according to your requirements, convenience, and safety. From lighting units to decors, you can count on our professional team.

For your next conference, do not hesitate to contact Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals. We got everything you need for a successful event!

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