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At Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals, you can live stream anywhere at any time. Our expert technicians, modern inventory, and excellent live stream services ensure that your event is successful. We are your live stream experts in Mississauga!

When you choose us as your next event partner, we will help you make live streaming easy. We will make the entire process easy and streamlined for you. With our years of industry experience, you will not experience guess-work with us. Our expert team will ensure that you are satisfied with our live streaming services from start to finish!

Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals Seamless Virtual Live Streaming

Seamless Virtual Live Streaming

Do you have an upcoming event that requires virtual live streaming? Not a problem! Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals got you covered! You can stream your conferences, seminars, or events in HD quality.

With our virtual live streaming, both your hosts and guest have a chance to join the webstream in a matter of a single click. We will help you get a better branding through proper logo position. Plus, we can turn your stream to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other social media platforms.

Best Quality Hybrid Live Streaming

Through our hybrid live streaming services, events are streamed to different cities, states, or even countries. In return, your business will have more event views and better brand engagement.

Our services are more than just connecting your events to cameras and stream them on the web. We only use the right inventory, video recorders, and cameras for recording. We ensure to utilize a secure streaming and web host service. We are committed to make your event a success.

Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals Best Quality Hybrid Live Streaming
Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals Customized Public Live Streaming

Customized Public Live Streaming

At Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals, customizing your live stream to your event and brand’s needs is possible! Our public live streaming service comes with budget-friendly costs.

We give you an option to stream your event to your desired social media platform. We can even turn it to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and more. Re-streaming and event recording are also available. For better branding, we will display your brand assets and logo.

Top-notch Quality Video Recording

Our professional technicians and video editors can add life and color to your event recording. We will assist you in proper editing. What’s more, we will make your recorded event’s post formatting a more straightforward process.

We use the most advanced and best quality editing tools to make your event recording even more creative and engaging. Your audience will not feel as if they are just joining a virtual event; we can make them feel they are part of it.

Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals Top-notch Quality Video Recording
Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals Reliable Video Editing

Reliable Video Editing

When you choose our video editing service, your recorded event is of HD quality. We use the best video editing equipment to edit your event recording effectively. We also prepare video files for re-broadcasts. If you want a short-summary video, we can prepare that for you.

We will edit your videos based on your requirements, from proper coloring to non-essential scenes removal. We will also prepare Blu-ray copies or DVDs and save your event recording at cloud servers. So, you can access them anytime and everywhere you want.

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