Need to make a big impact at your event? Explore our high-quality audio visual rentals for an unforgettable experience!

For you, this means that you don’t have to worry about floor planning, staging, lighting, drapes/ banners, audio systems, screens, projectors and video walls at all. We’ll take care of the technical aspects while you can direct your attention and resources to other aspects of your event. 

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In order to create memorable events, you need the services of someone who knows what they are doing and can handle complex projects with ease. Markham Audio Visual Rentals is more than just a multimedia rental company. We offer complete event management and production services.  

Mississauga Audio Visual Rentals Events

What Do You Need to Do?

Simply fill in our experts about the type of event that you are hosting, your plans for the décor, your style preferences and your budget, and we’ll come up with a plan tailored to those specific requirements. 

Our services cater
the following events

  • Annual Meetings
  • Award Banquets
  • Charity Functions
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Dinner Programs
  • Galas
  • Meeting & Seminars
  • Press Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Sales Meetings
  • Trade Shows
  • VIP Events

What Do We Do?

Once we are on the same page about what you need at your event, you can rest easy because your project is now in professional hands. We will now use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that your event is a success. We use different approaches and equipment for different events based on the nature, and add further customization as per the client’s needs. Following are the types of events that we regularly work on.  

Your annual meetings are an event that needs to be planned and executed with finesse so that your corporate goals may be met. Here at Markham Audio Visual Rentals, we understand the importance of having a seamless meeting with the agenda followed completely without suffering any impediments. Considering that sub-par audio and visual equipment are often the culprits, we can help you retain your professional and perfectionist image with well-maintained, premium quality equipment and services. 

Award banquets are a time for celebration. This means a concentrated focus on lighting and presentation, and Markham Audio Visual Rentals take the lead here. We host the best inventory in projectors, LCD screens and video walls and more, that allows you to host an unforgettable event.  

Your charity event is essential in getting the attention of the right people and to convert them to your cause. Unless you are able to clearly outline the problems and the solutions that your organization is set to implement, it is impossible to convince anyone from your audience that your cause is legitimate and can create a measurable change if supported well. While you can take care of the content and the speaker, we can take of providing you the audio and visual equipment that can help you deliver your message in the most substantial manner. We also offer discounted rates specifically for not-for-profit events as our small contribution to your noble cause.

Appreciation goes a long way in strengthening a relationship and ensuring that it lasts for a long time in the future. Your clients are some of the most important people for your organization’s success, and a grand client appreciation event may be just the thing you need to smooth out any wrinkles and pursue future opportunities with them.

With our wide range of audio and visual equipment including lighting, switching and recording equipment, and premium quality projectors, cameras and screens and PA systems, you can make your clients feel welcome and appreciated at your event.

People who are planning a conference need AV solutions that won’t let them down on the big day when there is a zero margin for mishaps. Markham Audio Visual Rentals will work with you to create an engaged audience that makes the most of what your conference has to offer.

We will provide you the equipment you need, within the budget you have, and delivering the quality that you would only expect from the very best. Moreover, our tech support will be there to install it and be there at the conference to make sure that everything is in order and that our equipment delivers what we promised it would.  

Large-scale events demand the need for more integrated systems so that your event can bring you the results that you needed. Our experts are able to identify the right size of the LCD and LED displays, screens and other equipment that would be perfect for your setting. All our equipment is well-maintained and kept in top-notch condition so you don’t have to worry about technical issues at your convention. Additionally, the tech support will be there for you on the big day to take care of the technical aspects.  

Whether you are hosting a family gathering or a corporate dinner, you need everything on-point and working seamlessly. With our projectors, monitors, screens, microphones, LCD TVs, lighting, drapes, podium and other accessories, you can organize the type of dinner party you want and one that your guests will certainly remember for a long time.

Your audience will love the crisp videos and images that you have prepared, and even the people sitting at the very back will laugh at the presenter’s jokes because, well, they will be able to hear it clearly.

Your gala is a grand event that should be planned to impress and have everyone talking about it for weeks, if not days. You may have an exciting, mind-blowing gala prepared and ready, but the execution is what matters. With our sound systems, digital recording and playback systems, LED video walls that showcase snippets of videos and animations, and PA speakers and accessories, your gala will be as grand and glamorous with all the bells and whistles that you wanted.

Small meeting or large-scale seminars, your professional event needs to be an embodiment of the pristine corporate image that your company upholds. And here, Markham Audio Visual rentals is willing to provide modern, well-maintained equipment that delivers quality results and set it up in any setting that you have chosen.

Our experts can also offer budget-planning and complete event production services if you want to take some of the stress off your shoulders. Our experienced professionals will be there on the main event to ensure that every piece of equipment remains installed in place and works perfectly. They will also take care of taking off the equipment.

Press conferences are important events that should be carefully planned and executed. With our selection of high quality podiums, drapes, audio systems, video solutions and lighting, your conference can deliver the information that you intend to, in a clear, digestible manner. Your presentations will be easily viewable, and your presenter will not have a hard time describing the details of your new project, service or any other important event at your company. With our premium quality rentals, you save time, money and energy.

Product launches are similar to exhibitions in the case that both events need to maximize on the visuals and presentation. Markham Audio Visual Rentals has experience in handling product launches in various settings and can offer you both professional advice and the best equipment at competitive rates. You can either partner with us or enjoy the complete event management service, or rent the equipment you need—our experts will take care of the installation, and handling at the main event.

Your sales meetings are set to motivate your team, give them a clear goal to pursue and acknowledge the hard workers. Needless to say, these meetings are top priority, which means that you need only the best equipment to communicate with your team effectively. Our projectors, screens, microphones and other equipment will be able to help you organize consistently productive sales meetings.  

Trade shows are the place where interested individuals come over to assess if the products are worth the money or not, and make an investment if they think that they are. If you’re unable to put the spotlight on your prized product or service, and are not able to deliver the information they need about it, you’re likely to lose potential customers. Avoid that nightmare by renting high quality AV equipment from Markham Audio Visuals and wow your audience.

Your VIP guests deserve a VIP treatment that you can deliver with our help. Our audio and visual equipment like staging, projectors, LED and LCD screens, lighting and sound systems can create a well-executed event that is exciting, engaging and fun for your audience!

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